We Move the Earth

And have been doing so successfully for over 50 years through our various construction services.

The Broda Group is a Heavy Construction company specializing in earthworks, civil construction, aggregate processing, and concrete production. Our quarry operations span from Ontario to British Columbia, producing more than 3 million tonnes of aggregate annually for a variety of applications. Our earthworks and construction division currently services the public and private sectors in both Saskatchewan and Alberta and is capable of moving over 6 million cubic meters of material per year, with a major focus on road building and infrastructure projects in our home province of Saskatchewan.

Broda Group provides skilled staff, heavy equipment operators, and unequaled expertise in the heavy construction industry in Western Canada. We strive with an unwavering focus to meet and exceed every client’s need. Largely, our success is shown by an ability to meet demanding specifications for any and all projects. Most importantly, however, is our commitment to safety and quality that has been proven time and time again.

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